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bimsync by Catenda saves time, money and the environment. It is the next generation cloud based collaboration platform where construction information comes alive. For software developers, the bimsync platform provides the building blocks for the next BIM ready product or tool.

Based 100% on open standards.

Projects become smooth to run: you reduce risk, increase value and build better together.

bimsync by Catenda saves time, money and the environment. It is the next generation cloud based collaboration platform where construction information comes alive.

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The bimsync Products

bimsync arena

bimsync Arena

Share and communicate issues, visualize BIM models in 2D/3D/4D and enrich models with documents and relevant information.

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bimsync boost

bimsync Boost

Hosted BIM models for integration in your own software. Implement any of our APIs with help from our expert developers.

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Built with Bimsync

Customer Projects

Features You Will Love

Share, visualize and collaborate on BIM models and issues in your browser. No plugins or installation needed.

Powerful visualization

Combine our high performance 3D viewer with autogenerated 2D floor plans to get a full overview of all of the models in your projects.

Collaborate on issues

Add, import, organize and collaborate on issues. We support all of the BCF versions as well as the BCF API.

Useful dashboard and stats

Get a quick overview of the latest updates and changes as well as key performance indicators for your projects.

Share information

Share models, drawings and documents with other project members. We keep track of revisions and changes.

Model centric information

Attach documents, issues, classifications and product information directly to objects in the BIM model.

Connect your BIM

Extend your projects with libraries that let you link BIM objects to external sources. E.g. documents in Dropbox, products in CoBuilder.

Notifications and updates

Select what you want to be notified about and follow the project online, by emails or direct notifications sent to Slack.

Unlimited members and teams

Invite anyone you like into your projects. All they need is access to a browser.

Intuitive APIs and toolkits

Embed 3D or 2D viewers in websites or other software and get access to all of your BIM data through our APIs. Access your issues through our BCF API.

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Our Promise

Catenda believes in openness as a way of working with our products and clients, as well for the tools and formats we are using for our daily work. 

When you work with us or use one of our bimsync products, you should feel confident that your data is safe and stored 100% according to open standards. We do not believe in vendor lock-in. Your data is yours, and you choose to stay with us because you believe we offer the best solution. 

If you for some reason do change your mind, you can take all of your data to any other buildingSMART compliant solution. 

That is our promise!

Built on open standards

bimsync stands on the shoulders of the buildingSMART international standards, and reads and writes IFC2x3 in the IFC, ifcXML and ifcZIP formats. IFC4 support is coming soon. Open BIM is a universal approach to collaborative design, realization and operation of buildings based on open standards and workflows. Open BIM is an initiative of buildingSMART and several leading software vendors including Catenda, using the open buildingSMART Data Model.


bimsync reads and writes IFC2x3 in the IFC, ifcXML and ifcZIP formats. IFC4 support is coming soon.


We know bSDD like our own pockets. Support for bSDD is built into all of our tools.


Read and write BCF files on the 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1 formats or use our standardized BCF API.


You can export your models to the COBIe spreadsheet format.

bimsync Resellers

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Med bimsyncs webbaserte BIM-plattform er det ikke nødvendig å installere noe, og du er alltid oppdatert. Trygg lagring, deling og samarbeid i åpenBIM-prosjekter og relaterte filer. Host prosjektet hos en partner som har forståelse og respekt for dine data.

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bimsync is webgebaseerde software voor het bekijken, analyseren, delen en managen van 3D Bouw Informatie Modellen (BIM). Deze geeft u zowel meer inzicht als controle over het integraal samenwerken en communiceren van alle projectbetrokkenen.

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La mission de BIM Management consiste à intégrer les objets émis par les différents acteurs contributeurs BIM sur une maquette numérique unique puis, à gérer leurs interfaces afin de garantir la cohérence globale de la maquette, en respect des plannings de livraison et des paramètres finaux souhaités par le client.

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The bimsync Design System
Catenda is growing with more developers on board. The new bimsync Design System will help us improved the user experience further, create a better looking product and introduce new features.
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Holteportalen og bimsync tar avvikshåndtering til nye høyder

Holte og Catenda jobber tett sammen for å standardisere måten data utveksles på i byggeprosjekter...

Egis partners with Catenda for the bimsync platform

Egis has chosen the bimsync platform to facilitate Building Information Modelling (BIM)...

bimsync Arena

A collaboration platform that allows all participants a complete overview of the situation at all times. This reduces risks, saves money and time on construction projects.
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bimsync Boost

A platform for connected data and an open API available for 2D and 3D visualization, issue handling using the standard BCF API, and access to all BIM data through an intuitive REST API.
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