bimsync API

As a user of the bimsync platform you are free to use any of our APIs. Our APIs are constantly evolving from feedback from our users, and we take great pride in keeping things backward compatible. 

We provide APIs for 2D and 3D visualization, issue handling using the standard BCF API and access to all BIM data through our intuitive REST API.

API main graphic

Viewer 3D API

Visualize large BIM models in any WebGL compatible browser. No plugins or installation required.

View multiple models

Configure the viewer to load multiple models and turn these on and  off individually.

Create clipping planes

Create up to six simultaneous clipping planes in the model.  You can also do quick sectioning on any side of an object.

Correct visualizations

See colors and translucency exactly as it was added from the individual authoring tools.

Customize appearence

Control object visibility or make objects translucent. Customize appearance by giving objects a different color.

Integrate 3D map data

You can stream map data from external sources. Currently we support data from the Norwegian mapping authorities but the list can be extended on request.

Other features

Viewer 2D API

Autogenerated floor plans for all models as SVG files with  relevant BIM information included.

Interactive floor plans

bimsync generates floor plans for every floor in you building including symbols for doors.

Select, highlight and colorize

All closed polygons like spaces can be given a background color while all polygons can be given a ticker line and color.

Add your own graphics

Add symbols and signs to the canvas to indicate technical components or escape routes as on the example.

Select spaces and objects

Select one or more spaces by clicking on the canvas or highlight objects on the canvas in the same way as highlighting objects.

Set and track the position

The built in position marker can be used both to sync position on a given floor and room with the 3D viewer or to navigate the model.

Other features

Rest API

Our Rest API gives you access to the information in your BIM files as well as members, teams and linked data.

Projects, organizations, teams and users 

bimsync has a flexible model for handling projects, organizations, teams and users. Users can belong to multiple projects, teams and organizations and be managed through the API.

Models and revisions

Create, update and delete models. A model is a repository to track versions of BIM files. bimsync gives you access to the complete revision history for any given model.

IFC data for objects and types

Get access to the I in your BIM. All information about the individual BIM objects, corresponding types and property values and units is available. Use queries to get the info you need, presented in a harmonized format.

Model structures

Retrieve any of the existing structure in your BIM models. Structures are available using the composition relationship, component types, layers and groups (generic grouping and zones).

Other features

  • OAuth 2.0 authentication
  • Create tokens for 2D and 3D viewer
  • Work with libraries. Libraries are any external information linked  to objects in the BIM. It can be product information, documents  and drawings, classifications, ontologies like bSDD or your own  imported structure from a spreadsheet or comma separated file.
  • API v2 extends API v1 with a range of new features and is currently in Beta.


bimsync supports the BCF API specification  from buildingSMART international with additional  support for import and export of files on BCF 1.

Exchange issues from a whole range of BCF compatible tools using  our built in BCF server. bimsync supports every available BCF version  for file based exchange as well as the various versions of the BCF API.

Viewer Widget API

To make it easier to combine the various APIs we have created a viewer widget API that will add touch support and sync 2D and 3D with a few lines of code.

Other features

  • Context menus
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Joystick navigation
  • Mobile/tablet/smartboard/phone navigation
  • Easy interaction with spaces
  • Sync 2D with 3D

Made with bimsync API

Some examples of bimsync API being used as the building blocks for new applications. Have you made anything exciting? Let us know.