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bimsync Arena improves BIM collaboration by saving time, reducing risk and increasing quality. No installation necessary, everything runs in your browser. 

Easily share and communicate issues, visualize BIM models in 2D, 3D and 4D and enrich models with relevant information. 

You can store all the information in one central place, log activity and ensure that all project participants have complete overview.

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Track the history of changes and be sure everyone sees the most up to date version.
All information that goes in to bimsync can also be exported to open BIM formats.

Powerful visualization

Visualization of information is a core feature of bimsync. Combine our high performance 3D viewer with autogenerated 2D floor plans to get a full overview of all of the models in your projects.

Collaborate on issues

Add, import, organize and collaborate on issues. We support all the BCF versions as well as the BCF API, allowing seamless collaboration with other design software.

Useful dashboard and stats

Get a quick overview of the latest updates and changes as well as key performance indicators for your projects.

Model centric information

We believe the best possible structure for the documents and drawings in a project is the BIM itself. Attach documents, issues, classifications and product information directly to objects in the BIM model.

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