bimsync Boost

bimsync Boost allows you to host BIM projects on our platform and access your data through any of our APIs. bimsync Boost gives you:

Hosted BIM - Just upload the IFC files and we store and process the files and give you access to 2D,3D, BCF and Rest data through our APIs. We keep track of revisions and history for every change made.
Access to our team of dedicated developers - We help you get started and we listen to your needs. Our APIs are constantly evolving from dialogue with our customers.
Whitelabel access to our technology - Users do not even need to know your BIMs are hosted on bimsync.

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Create Your Competitive Edge

With bimsync Boost you can integrate BIM support into your software in days.

Build innovative tools using our powerful API (application programing interface) and data handling abilities.

Leading software solutions for the construction industry, like facility management, cost estimation and Internet of Things applications, has used bimsync Boost to build innovative features in their existing offerings. 

bimsync Arena is built on our own robust Boost framework. Features available include 2D and 3D visualization, issue handling using the standard BCF API and access to all BIM data through our intuitive REST API.

The bimsync platform has been in development since 2012. It is robust and thoroughly tested by thousands of users and companies using this technology as their BIM engine. With bimsync, anyone can get their first version of BIM integration running in days, not weeks or months.


In-house BIM Experts

Catenda has a creative team of highly skilled developers, and all of our software is developed in-house.

Open standards are the foundation for everything we create. From the HTML5 standards for the open web to the buildingSMART standards for building and construction industry.  These standards are key to innovation and thus essential to everything we do.

Because of this, Catenda is deeply involved in the buildingSMART standardisation process and has been for the last decade. We are among the few, if not the only company worldwide that participates in the development in every single one of the buildingSMART standards.

This we believe is a prof of our commitment. And as such also a guaranty that our software is developed with same intentions for open information exchange as the buildingSMART standards themselves.

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Made With bimsync API

Some examples of bimsync Boost being used as the building blocks for new applications. Have you made anything exciting? Let us know.